Monday, January 3, 2011

New Motivation to complete Med Schoool Prereq's in 2011

Well 2011 is finally here..... My expectation are real.  I am soooooo excited about what this year has in store..I wil be much further along this year....I needed to learn how to minimize stress and anxiety in 2010.  I figured out what my hinderances were.  

Hinderances can do alot of harm to your progress.  They can work on your self esteem and injure your hope..... I have found that they come in the form of people most of the time.  Better to shed off the dream killers and go forward.  It is better be with people of like mindedness.  

Most people don't understand the passion associated with being a doctor or going back to school at the age of 40plus to get into Medical School.  Many people see the hard work and dedication and think, that it's not worth it or it is too expensive or it is too late.  But infact, the sacrifice is well worth it.  I feel like it is an amazing time and I am privileged to be apart of this time.  Can't relive the last 20 years but I can make the next 20 better and accomplish more.

I was a person that had many obstacles to overcome when I was younger and yet God made it possible to accomplish my greatest goal of becoming a doctor.  Well Gotta take my son to school now....I promise to write more later.  I really like blogging my thoughts..

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