Friday, December 31, 2010

Ahhhh the beauty of Pre-med PreReq's

In February 2011 I will continue my PM PR's.  I am so much more focused at 40.  Sheer age and experience does something that youth could not do.  Something about being focused.  The ability to actually retain what you have read........PRICELESS!!!!!  I will continue with physics and chemistry and then move on in the summer to GBio1 and GChem1. 

When fall comes around, I will do GBio2 and GChem2.  (by the grace of God.)  After all let's face it, I do have a 5yr old son and a 40yr old. (husband). LOLLOLOL.  I am also interested in adding a Biochem class as it is required at some med schools now.  I really enjoy biochem and the metabolic pathways that provide answers to metabolism.  I think that I fell in love with biochem when I was introduced to the citric acid cycle (kreb's cycle).   Yes I'm a little weird, I enjoy intellectual stimulation that is mostly analytical.  I get bored really quickly with mundane subjects.  Not that I am so intellectually superior, but I need to keep things interesting.

New Years Eve 2010 - Medicine The Calling (not really but it sounds good.)

I am very passionate about medicine. It has been calling me since I was 4 years old.  I see medicine as a calling not a career.  Almost as if your not really supposed to get paid for it.  I know, I know that sounds really corny.  

When I was 4 my mom gave me a doctors case.  It included a stethoscope, the shot and a little hammer to check reflexes and a tool to check your ears. ( the 70's were a different time)  I was so proud of that case and really felt like a real doctor. Now that I am 40 it is no different.  I am still a doctor at heart. By the time I was 19 and a freshman in college, my love for science only blossomed.  The irony is that I attended a very poor high-school and was told that I would never be a doctor and that I needed to choose another career.  Coming from a very dysfunctional home and under verbal, sexual and mental abuse, I could have just believed that and said okay, I'll just get a trade and never pursue my real dreams.  

Well there was someone on the inside that just kept pushing me forward. Not my family or friends, but someone that loved me from the beginning.  I now know that it was God that was pushing me along.  My true source of strength. When Life was so difficult to navigate.  He healed all of the wounds that life left behind.