Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Okay...Time for a Science talk...Biology and G-Chem or Physics and Organic-Chem

I believe that taking G-Chem and Physics works better and Bio and O-Chem.  It has been debated whether Bio and G-Chem have a more natural flow....My experience with physics seems more closely knit to GChem as opposed to GChem and Bio.  That's just my humble opinion.  I am really working on math weaknesses right now.  I have felt crippled at times by math in the past.

All I remember is that growing up, I really enjoyed math and one day a teacher (the great discouragers) really made me fearful of math by discouragement.  I don't know it's crazy.  Anyway I am determined to make it my strength as opposed to a weakness.  I am in absolute love with biochemistry and Biology.  But Biochemistry makes me feel empowered ( I secretly enjoy analytical things).  I love to think on the functionality and complex flow of metabolic pathways....AWESOME.....

Biochem makes me want to do academic medicine one day.  Or if I could just teach a class at the undergrad or grad level that would be great.  I think that's why I enjoyed software development so much.  It was always interesting because of the analytical skill that is required to compile code and write software programs...Still love it today even though I am pursuing medicine.  I NEED CONSTANT INTELLECTUAL STIMULATION TO STAY INTERESTED.......HELP IS THAT ADD?????

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