Monday, May 9, 2011

Delayed but for the best....

Hi All,I'm back.  Well here is an update.  NEVER TAKE ACCELERATED SCIENCES IF YOU CAN HELP IT.  Okay just had to vent there for a minute.  When I took these classes, I figured oh well it will be great to get things over with sooner (NOT)!!!! Take a lesson from me DONT DO IT.  All science classes require the full semester to complete.  I am just grateful to God for getting me through them.

Also I have extended 2 of my classes until the end of June to complete them with high grades.  Anyway, it will work out for the best.  I only need to complete the 2nd half of physics accelerated and then I'm done with accelerated sciences of any sort.  I know that others do it every summer but anything shy of 12 weeks is just a DEATH TRAP.  But I digress.

The main reason for this sentiment is because I didn't take into consideration how many HINDERANCES CAN PRESENT THEMSELVES WHEN YOU ARE in desperate need of additional study time.  Severe financial trials don't help either.  When I endeavored to complete all the pre-med prereq's, the original plan was to GO TO SCHOOL ONLY.  Not an option in this market.  My husband was always hassling me about money from the beginning, but I would reassure him that it would be worth it in the long run to let me just finish this last year and we can move forward from there.  However, that is a fairy-tale adventure.  As I now see that it is not possible to do it without two incomes in my household.

I guess it is not a bad idea to have my own money again.  After all I wont have to ASK FOR EVERYTHING EITHER.  Also, I can save money toward med school.  I have been thinking about a few options for med school.  Inclusive of the CARIBBEAN....YES FOLKS I SAID IT.  I have a few friends who are either in their 1-2 years or doing clinical or graduated or in residency now.  I really like the flexibility of a few things that they offer.  I will go more into detail about that later.  Anyway, I will be back in the library all summer long.  I will try to squeeze in a trip to DISNEY LAND FOR MY 5YR OLD THIS SUMMER.  Can't kill yourself must gage your progress and prevent stress as much as possible.