Friday, December 31, 2010

Ahhhh the beauty of Pre-med PreReq's

In February 2011 I will continue my PM PR's.  I am so much more focused at 40.  Sheer age and experience does something that youth could not do.  Something about being focused.  The ability to actually retain what you have read........PRICELESS!!!!!  I will continue with physics and chemistry and then move on in the summer to GBio1 and GChem1. 

When fall comes around, I will do GBio2 and GChem2.  (by the grace of God.)  After all let's face it, I do have a 5yr old son and a 40yr old. (husband). LOLLOLOL.  I am also interested in adding a Biochem class as it is required at some med schools now.  I really enjoy biochem and the metabolic pathways that provide answers to metabolism.  I think that I fell in love with biochem when I was introduced to the citric acid cycle (kreb's cycle).   Yes I'm a little weird, I enjoy intellectual stimulation that is mostly analytical.  I get bored really quickly with mundane subjects.  Not that I am so intellectually superior, but I need to keep things interesting.

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