Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hope everyone enjoyed thier summmer!!!! Mine was rocky as usual.... trying to make a dollar out of 15cents..... I'm sure that sounds crazy to folks born after 1980.... ahaha... LOL.. Anyway.  Let's see where do I start. Oh I remember! CAN YOU SAY DEAN'S LIST?  ...... YAHOOOOOO!!!  " AND YES MR. SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE I WILL ACCEPT ALL OF THEM...." God has done it again folks... I am really blessed to be on the Dean's List after all of my hard work... at least it it recognized by "SOMEBODY"... Sheeesh.. 

My summer came and left. Not without  the tragic loss of my other grandmother. Thank God she is not suffering anymore. It was very difficult to watch her so ill for so long.  In the mean time I am getting ready for my (2)," I repeat" ONLY (2) classes.  I was in such a whirlwind this summmer that I had to get and extension for 3 sciences to complete them by this month and still registered for the fall. Nevertheless. I am dilligently job hunting.... I KNOW IT SOUNDS LIKE ALOT... "BECAUSE IT IS"..... 

We are planning a move out of state. I can't wait to be able to live better without the pressure of the inflated cost of living in the northeast.  I am excited about Med School in the Southeast even the possibility of a HBCU Medical School. THAT WOULD BE A DREAM... although my dream school is not an HBCU at all. I really agree with thier mantra for community medicine for the underserved.  Too far west though.... 

Well I better get to bed. We are taking my 7 year old... Soon to be 8 to Six Flags Great Adventures today for the last day of his summer vacation.  After Dorney Park last week.... I needed a week off to rest from the exhaustion of walking all over the place.... It was so crowded it felt like we parked in another state... I know it's crazy right?.... Alright folks.... good night for now...:)


  1. Congrats Lady..way to go. Can you say, "Hard work and Dedication". You are on your way!

  2. Passion.... Hey girl... I appreciate that encouragement... We are here for each other my dear and it will work and it will happen!!! Please continue to update your journey...... I'm interested in your success.

  3. CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS!!! I don't know how I missed this post!!!! GREAT JOB FUTURE DOCTOR!!!

  4. Hey Path..girl thanks. ....sorry for the delay....I'm am shuffling along with all my situations. Cant wait to move to my desired location. blessed sistahfuturedr.


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