Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hi all,
Sorry for the delay.... Went through some crazy family trials. Family is first and you can't neglect the reality of this as a non-trad mom and wife.  Trials make you stronger and change is a blessing too.  Sometimes it's only your attitude that changes, nevertheless, it's CHANGE!!!

Well getting geared up to complete all of the part 2's this summer, A&PII, G-ChemII and Micro.  would have been done and taking Orgo II this semester, but had to withdraw last summer.  Anyhoooo! I am taking Orgo I and Physics II in the fall.  TALK ABOUT EXCITED.  THIS MEANS THAT I AM THAT MUCH CLOSER TO MY GOAL OF APPLYING TO MED SCHOOL IN 2014.... YAYYY!!!.  Of course my goal was to apply much sooner, but life just get's in the way or your plans.  I believe that God is the author and finisher of your plans..... Rather he gets into your plans and FINISHES THEM..... Right that's it!!.

I am really narrowing my search in terms of med schools.  Well I live in the north east.  No shortage there! But still, I am primarily considering schools that are family or non-trad friendly.... IF YOU DON'T VALUE ME, .... THEN I DON'T WANT YOU EITHER!!! LOL.... hahah.HELLOOOO.. Well afterall it is my destiny and I am in control of it not a school or it's reputation. Does nothing for me in the end. I just need that one break. Can only attend one school at a time.  I am even considering carribean schools, but the only problem is that my son is only seven and he needs his mama.  I would have to make a big adjustment and take him with me.... NOT!!!

Anyway, I was checking out some schools in the carribean and wandered across a intro commercial online and guess what?  I saw a friend that I just met 3 years earlier at a med school open house. Wow!!! it's a small world isn't it?  You never know... I mean never.  We she is a single mom and dared to persue her dreams of being a physician after her divorce.  I said "go head girl" I see you.... MOVE FORWARD MY SISTER!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!.  NO SHORTAGE HERE!!!! HAHA... Sorry for the venting.  What's crazy is that she was just telling me her situation and why she actually got divorced and why she tranferred from a previous carrib med school.  Then "BAMMMMM"  I see her in an online med school commercial... I'm not mad at yah!!!!. YAHOOOO!!! DO IT, DO IT , DO IT!!!.. By the way she works at the NIH... HELLOOOOO!!  GOD WILL OPEN UP A DOOR FOR YOU!!!!  BLESS YAH!!!



  2. Hey girl! Good luck! I firmly believe family should not come in the way of becoming/being a doctor. Since you are in the Northeast, I would recommend applying to BU Med, granted their average MCAT score is a little high, BUT they are really doing an effort into viewing a student more holistically and not just as a sore and GPA. I also know Ross Medical School (Caribbean) has a great program. you spend only 18 months in the island and then do the last two years (the clinical rotations) in NY, and since you are from the northeast that might be convenient. Just my two cents!

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  3. Thanks Daniella,
    I nust got this message tonight.... I APPRECIATE YOUR GUYS SOOOO MUCH....


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