Wednesday, September 5, 2012

God Has it All Worked Out For My Good! - Change is Good and Sometimes Better!

Well it has certainly been a while since I have literally had a moment to sit and write something in the way of progress.  I am back and in the swing of things! But with a twist! Had to transfer to another school but it is in my town and a better facility than I was already enrolled at.  Ahhhh such is life.  I was having a nasty financial aid problem at the other school, but God fixed all of that.  Sometimes it is JUST time to move on.

Well I'm still getting situated and feeling very excited and optimistic about my future..... Haven't been able to see it that way in light of the summer events that were so difficult that I was just feeling very stuck.. But as usual God has it all worked out for my Good.  Now back on to my schedule, I am juggling 4 classes. 2 of which are extensions due to extenuating circumstances.  I am determined with all of my might to pass them all.  Under a little pressure but I have my MOMENTUM BACK.... When I learned what momentum was in physics, I never wanted to lose it or forget it.  It is extremely valuable all the way through this journey....

I am really excited about Saturday because I will be attending a Minority Med School Recruitment Seminar at my number one choice school in the north east.  I'll fill you in about that later.

Well I am preparing to and determined to take the MCAT this summer before they change it.  I downloaded a review manual of the proposed changes and structure for 2015.  It actually doesn't look that bad at all.  I have always believed in not listening to the crowd and verify things for yourself.  Well off I go..... I need to pack up and drive home from the school library now.  It's late and I don't like to drive at night unnecessarily.  Take care all and thanks or your words of encouragement.. .... I'M STILL STANDING AND MOVING FORWARD!!!!!


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  1. Hey NJDR2B, I'm so glad to hear your good news!! Keep up the good work!


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