Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good Times: Keeping Your Head Above Water, Making a Wave When You Can!!!

Well the title says it all.  Remember Good Times? That sitcom from the 70's.  It was about a poor black family that faced many adversities while struggling to maintain a normal life in the Ghetto.  The funniest thing is that life is just that way.  While learning to pace myself, and keep from having anxiety   over small things, I have made some correlations to this reality.  While studying and overcoming setbacks, financial, household, parenting, marriage, etc. you will encounter times when you need to really persevere.  I have learned in this race, it is either do or die, pass or fail, flex your muscles or be taken down.  God is really my only provider and strength in this journey.  An he reminds me when I am preparing for an exam or when I am just covering tons of material because maybe I'm behind in my reading (which is most of the time).  The word are simple: CAST ALL OF YOUR CARES UPON ME BECAUSE I CARE FOR YOU....(1st peter; 5:7) And finally my favorite scripture: He makes my feet as hinds feet and sets me on my high places. (psalms 18:33)


  1. Great post and great reminder! This week, I came up on five months with no pay in my job, and just when I thought I was going to break, I had three houses go under contract and a closing. The Lord will provide if you let him!

  2. thanks and I rely on his help everyday......


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