Sunday, September 18, 2011

Strengthen the Weakest link - I.D.E.N.T.I.F.Y THE ROOT CAUSE

I am so glad that God has allowed me to identify the weakest link in my journey.  MATH!!!   When I was a child I used to love math until one day my growth was stunted by a negative statement or blow from a teacher of all people.

How many times have we been scarred in life and had no idea where the scar came from, when it originated or when the scar tissue formed at all.  Well, while doing some soul searching as I always do.  I was able to identify the weakest link in the pursuit of Med School acceptance.

Math problems have always caused me to cringe and feel immediate fear and anxiety because that little voice of discouragement that would creep back into my hearing.  Well being a Pastor's daughter, I decided to silence that hindering voice by confronting the areas that caused the most pain.  I have prayed and am led to do more math classes to combat those feelings of vulnerability and anxiety that has plagued my life for so long.  So now I have added another algebra class to my schedule this term.  When I do the 2nd half of (algebra based physics and G-chem) in the spring, I will not clam up like the first time.  I have learned that some of the things that you hated to do, you now rely on to make it to the next level.  Thank God for being on my side.  I am determined to make it....I'm praying for all of us to make it...


  1. Good for you for identifying what you need to work on! I had this same issue although I had to flunk out of undergrad to realize it. A couple years and some serious math review later, and I was a Chemistry major and tutor!

  2. I knoooowww it is so necessary to really address weaknesses asap...


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