Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yaaayy!!!! Got an 'A' on the first two assignments in Physics...

I am so blessed and encouraged to keep going.  This week I got my grades for the first two physics assignments.  Got 2 "A's"...Hip Hip Horaaayyy.... I really worked hard on comprehending the information.  I really am also grateful for some of the awesome advice that I received on the blogs of other physicians and med students on what else,  "study tips", pacing yourself, lightening the load for adults with families, etc.  It has really been priceless.  It matters  when you can get to the library too away from distractions and actually study.  I try to get there in the early evenings and stay until about midnight or later.  

It's not always easy to stay focused and motivated when life is still going on in spite of school and the need to finish.  But I am determined to be successful.  My goals will happen in time.  I have learned to take it one goal at a time.  This journey is a long one and I am not going to rush it.  The best bit of advice that I have gotten is not to overload yourself but to take it slow and do well on every level.  Overloading classes causes rapid burnout due to stress and anxiety.  I have also learned that it is better to minimize stress and anxiety where you can.    Pacing yourself has a lot to do with knowing how much you can actually handle.  When I would see others take on 18-24 credits of pure sciences, I would think oh boy they are really smart.  Maybe some are but that was not a smart thing to do.  Anyone can get overwhelmed.  The best way to study for things that are not familiar is to practice them constantly.  The more repetitious, the better it will be committed to memory.  

Obviously science is not a simple thing to accomplish but it can be done,  When people would say to me in high school or college that I would never be a physician, I would think to myself that if it was that difficult there would not be as many doctors in the world.  Anything can be done if you put your mind to it.

When I was in high school, my guidance counselor (the wife of a very famous principal that was featured in a movie about impoverished, crack addicted and troubled high school students ironically) said to me that I will never be a doctor and that I needed to choose to do something else in life.  One day I completed my college applications and asked why I did not hear anything from the colleges I applied to.  Her response was, " I never mailed them off for you".  I realized then that you must believe in yourself even if no one else does.  And it is that self determination that has brought me this far in life.  

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