Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chemistry Catch up Count Down Time!!!

Today I am focusing all of my efforts on Chemistry and trying to catch up  on the last missing assignment.  Wow did not know that sleep depravation would hinder my next week soooo badly.  I had  a problem with sleeping 1.5 weeks ago and I am really just getting back into the groove after several bouts of mental and physical fatigue.  Even though I come to the library every night and get some work done no matter how little or much.  

The best thing is that I try to keep going and picking away at it even in times of direst.  Also I had to take 1.5 days off from studying to just sleep and unwind.  I guess being severely anemic doesn't help either.  I was having severe bouts of anemia and feeling very fatigued and unable to accomplish anything.  I mean my whole body was very weak and shaky.  Apparently anemia can make you dehydrated as well.  Well I corrected all that thank the Lord and it's onto better horizons.  

Notified my Chemistry professor that I will take the midterm later than scheduled.  I need additional time to study.  Some of the chapters are sooooo long and I need to re-read it all and really zero in on key areas that will be addressed.  My physics class assignments will be back in swing tomorrow after church and Monday.  I really wish that I could study at home too. It is just a shame that the number of distractions are so many that the library seems to be my only STUDY OASIS....

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