Monday, February 14, 2011

Back in Class and Loving It.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This feels natural and I am so ready to continue this semester.  I am doing everything possible to stay on track.  All was well except for this terrible bout of bronchitis the past two weeks.  My 5yr old was sick first and now me.  Well I am just grateful that I didn't get the full blast of strep throat and sinusitis and bronchitis like he did.  And all at once.  But believe me my chest was on fire for a few days.....whooo glad that part is over.

Never the less.  I will be moving forward this week by the grace of God.  I am behind in a few written and reading assignments in physics and chemistry. All is well though.  I have been really trying to solidify my math for physics and chemistry skills.  Sometimes it all looks like pure gibberish.  But I keep plugging away and not paralyzed in fear of "math failure".  After all it is only math right?...huh?

Thank God my husband is becoming more supportive of me going to school and finishing up these dreaded pre-reqs.  I'm sure that everyone would like to bypass this stage of preparation.   I believe that this only solidifies your science skills and knowledge.  I have come to have a great appreciation of things that I have come to master in science by sheer repetition.  The ability to recall concepts in your mind and make examples of them makes all the difference in learning.  My concept of learning is comprehension not memorization. Don't get me wrong, some people are great at memorizing.  I just believe that it has it's limits. If you are able to learn a concept then you will automatically commit it to memory.  Comprehension is better than memorization.  Less stress on the mind is less stress on my time and body.

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