Monday, January 19, 2015

So Close Yet a Dirty Fight to the End!

Hi all,
I really missed posting regularly on my blog.  Hope everyone is making sustained progress. 2014 presented many obstacles along this journey. Some things that I have never even encountered and others that are REGULAHZZZ... You know those same obstacles that never seem to jut stop trying to impede your progress.  Anyway it was definitely a mixture that I don't miss or desire to get reacquainted with.  

My current situation is to complete the last few classes and apply for 2016 admission.  In my heart of hearts I don't really feel prepared until 2017.  Also I really would rather wait until the 2017 app season to start applying.  At any rate, I will definitely be applying to one or both (lol) for admission.. It feels great to be close to my goal. I'm actually celebrating milestones along the way. I think that this is such a long journey that milestones are an absolute necessity.  In spite of a few set backs I am still trucking along.  My inspiration is truly from God. I feel his calming spirit when things get so heavy until its impossible to continue.  I would never have made it this far without his strength.  

So my plan has changed significantly since the last post about applying.  My plan is to apply to US schools first and let Caribbean Med School be a last option. So there it is. My change of heart is due to the reality of STUDENT LOANS AND FINANCING. I had to rethink it all. This journey is already a strain on my family now. I can't even  imaging a "no student loan option" not possible for us.  I know , I know, so many others are doing it but " IT MUST WORK FOR ME".  


  1. I am applying for the 2017 class. I have to push back my mcat review course until this summer. For now I am doing a content review with Khan Academy. I wish money was not a factor in this decision. God knows we probably would have gone to the Caribbean and back now lol. As always, keep pushing sis! Are you retaking the MCAT? I hope you don't have too, uggg!!!

  2. Hello my sister it sounds like we are living the same life. And yes we could have done Caribbean med school basic sciences by now and definitely been much further along. But at what price?...The cost of struggling to get into rotations and a residency. Notwithstanding others that have done very well but my circumstances won't allow me to make that the first choice. You are definitely a woman of perseverance. I applaud your dedication. Please continue to make strides my sister.

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  5. Lol this is true. The struggle is not worth it. I admire your drive as well. Be blessed

  6. Hey Dr. Njdr2b, I'm sooooooooooo glad you've decided to hang in there with your goals!!! And PLEASE don't be discouraged about your "path", it's really ALL about God's timing for our blessings!!!

  7. Yes ma'am it was the result of a reality check. ..
    MY REALITY. loan no school! !!!



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