Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Caribbean Med School Option - LOOKING BETTER EVERYDAY...CUT OUT THE FAT.. SKIP THE 200K-300K DEBT.

Hi all,
I apologize for my silence.  I been away for a while.  Okay so her goes. I have been positioning myself for Med school. And by that I mean, taking the MCAT the summer of fall of 2014. When suddenly I got an idea. "I DON'T WANT TO TAKE THE MCAT".... I have so much going on that I just don't want to add the stress of MCAT and the U.S. Med School App process in the mix.  " I mean the" political U.S. Med School App process GAME!!!!!" I just want to cut out the fat.  I already know that I want to be a clinician and not do unnecessary research. NOT TO MENTION THE 300K IN DEBT.... NOT NICE.

So I came to the conclusion that maybe The Caribbean Med School Option is more my speed.  I need to speed up this process and not be dragging along as a Mom, Wife and Premed student forever!!!!! Also I don't feel like after all I've been through that I need to prove my passion for medicine to anyone.  I've made it through several tough and extreme trials and have persevered, and that's proof enough.  Why should the ADCOMM at any U.S. school have my destiny in thier hands.  I AM WIDE OPEN AT THIS POINT.

A good friend of mine has a PHD in chemistry and said suddenly while studying for the MCAT, I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS...And voila..... she is starting is part of the first incoming class of 2014 at a great Caribbean Med School in January.  I am so excited for her, that I feel like it's me.  I also know that "IT NEEDS TO WORK FOR YOU AS MUCH AS IT WORKS FOR THE SCHOOL". That is not always the case in the U.S.  I am not caught up in University Names and history.  Means nothing without the USMLE step 1 and 2 leveling ground.  Let's face it, it all comes down to one thing USMLE and that's all.

I am making all the contacts that I possibly can. I am interested in General Surgery - leading to a fellowship in Bariatric Surgery, Trauma Surgery or Emergency Medicine in that order.  My true passion is Bariatric Surgery or Trauma surgery.  With the burnout rates involved in Trauma Surgery, I would have a better quality of life in Bariatric Surgery.  I am intrigued at how they change the lives of people that are slowly dying from multiple illnesses related to obesity. So I recently connected with a Bariatric Surgeon and asked if i could shadow her and she said absolutely and I am so ELATED ABOUT THAT.... 

Well I have a very full schedule for the Spring of 2014 and am really glad that I am almost completed with my 1st goal.  Everyday getting closer and closer. No one would have been able to tell me that I would go through all the obstacles that I have encountered and had to maneuver to make this dream happen. I am glad that God has brought me this far and will take me all the way.  Only God can carry you over Mountains!!


  1. Hey future Dr! You KNOW I couldn't read this post without making a comment, but I had to think about my words over the past few days. I say the following in love my sis Dr. friend............

    The MCAT is ONLY a stress because YOU CHOOSE TO SEE IT THAT WAY!!! God didn't put that in your mind, YOU did. The MCAT is just one in a long list of hurdles created to make you the best Doc possible, NOT keep you out of med school. IMHO, the MCAT is not just the "key" into a US med school, MUCH more importantly, it's just a gauge for what you need to work on to pass the 3 USMLE. And with Surgery as your goal, getting a high USMLE score is going to be key!

    If you go Carib because you did EVERYTHING in your power to make it happen in the US and couldn't, that's one thing. But don't go Carib to avoid a test that in the end, will HELP you if you do what you're perfectly capable of doing. And that is properly paring for the MCAT and scoring well!

  2. Hi my dear sister I apologize for the delay.
    I have been ill for 5 weeks and desperately fighting a nasty upper respiratory infection. Now you know that I appreciate all of your advice and concern. However I must respectfully disagree with you. There have been many who have not taken the MCAT and have been successful at surgery and other specialties. I truthfully have never trusted that the MCAT was a true predictor of my abilities or success in med school and especially the USMLE 1. As it is directly related to the material taught during the didactic component of MS1 and 2. In short, my decisions need to work for me and my family and quite honestly, it is late in the day. I'm over it and am already set to start in 2015. Thank you again for your sincere honest opinion. It is always appreciated.

    Love yah Girl...

    1. At the end of the day, you have to do what's best for YOU. And you KNOW I wish you ALL THE BEST!!! Love u too and get better soon!!

      PS- If for some reason this US thing doesn't work out for me and I AM concerned it might not due to my age, I'll be going Carib too, with a quicknes!! ;)

  3. A have been reading your blog for a while. I am (or was) considering med school, in my late forties I feel too old, perhaps a PA maybe better for me. I find this post very interesting, because I thought that the best Caribbean schools require MCAT and the cost is not that different to US schools. I understand your concerns with the MCAT, the time it takes to prepare for an exam and the time it takes to get accepted in med school is just a lot. But I am concerned with the fact that residencies, specially for competitive fields, are difficult to come by for foreign graduates or at least that is what I have been reading lately. I wish you luck and please keep us informed.

  4. Hi Lorena,
    Thank you for your interest in my blog. I appreciate your following. I would be glad to go into detail with you about all of those types of questions. Please email me at to discuss in detail. But to provide a quick and very honest answer, I will say this. The USMLE is the deciding factor in your medical career not the MCAT. Your USMLE scores are the most critical component of your medical school education because without it you cannot practice in the US at all. Additionally, my brother is a 2nd year Orthopedic Surgery Resident. He gave me some very helpful advice that helped me make my decision to move forward in the path that I have chosen.

    I look forward to your email!
    Thanks NJDR2B

  5. Oh and your NOT TOO OLD!!!....I am in my 40's and my friend that just started med school in the caribbean today is in her mid 50's...Hope that encourages you.

  6. Glad you feel better. We missed you :)

  7. Hello NJDR2B. I've followed you throughout your premed journey and I must say that I am so happy for you! I cannot wait to hear about your next phase (your path through medical school). Talk to you later my friend! :)

  8. PMC..I appreciate your interest in my blog. And most of all the encouragement that you convey. Thank you for your kind words. You know how hard this journey really is. It's definitely not for the faint of heart. I will be following ur blog also very closely. I an grateful for all the great people and especially nontraditional students that I meet here as we all strive to make it together.

    Thanks you for the kinds words..

  9. Go for it. I decided to go the caribbean route but it didnt work out due to finances. So now I am going to start a post bacc in the fall. I have scored low on the mcat 3 times & I am in my 30's. Do what fits you! All of the best & God bless you!

  10. Tanika05
    Thank you so much. I appreciate all the encouragement I can get. I admire your perseverance and tenacity. DELAYED IS NOT DENIED MY SISTER. KEEP GOING. .I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST....

  11. Thank you! I look forward to your updates. I pray that the doors open for you!


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